Statute Of Limitations For New York Personal Injury Claims

Injury laws differ from one state to the next. That is why anyone who needs legal services needs to hire a auto accident compensation who has been licensed by the state bar to practice law in the state. A license to practice in New York State is an acknowledgement from the authorities that the licensee is fully-versed with state law and has met all other professional and legal requirements to offer legal services to local residents and businesses. When you need to sue the city,county,company or an individual for causing you injury,therefore,it is crucial you shortlist injury lawyers with a valid license to handle injury cases in the state.

The Statute of Limitations in New York State

Every case or claim has a statute of limitations. For instance,the statute of limitations for New York personal injury claims is 3 years. The law is strict on this deadline,so you have to file your case before the deadline. There are only a few exceptions where a personal injury lawsuit can be admitted in court past the 3-year statute of limitations. When you file an injury lawsuit past the deadline,you can expect the defense team to argue that the statute of limitations has lapsed and ask the court to dismiss the case. This means that you will not get compensation for your injuries.

Whatever the injury case you want to file,be sure to adhere to the statute of limitation to avoid making your case complicated. If you have been truly injured,and there is sufficient evidence to support your case,you need to hire a competent New York City to help you file an injury suit in a timely manner. There is no need to wait for anything because the longer you wait,the lower your chances of winning the case will become.

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